About Me

Merilee ClarkeMy first career was in the Fashion Industry designing and merchandising Women’s wear in Toronto, Montreal and New York. The visual and technical skills I acquired working with textiles during that time have enhanced my natural ability to work with colour, co-ordinate textures, fabrics and form. I love architectural reference and my travels to Ireland, Germany, France, Italy and Asia are distinctly imbedded in my memory as inspiration.

Always a lover of Antiquities and Architectural elements, I was drawn to work with a larger canvas than the human form. Fashion comes and goes but an environment is more permanent, and everlasting. My desire remains to understand and conceive of what makes my clients feel at home and in their own element, then help them to visualize/realize it.

I studied Environmental/Interior Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto back in 1999 and have worked in the Furniture and Design industry since then in Victoria and Vancouver. Given my textile background and natural sewing ability, drapery, window coverings and home furnishings have become my specialty and passion.

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