On Colour

Rooms that you spend a lot of time in should be both inspirational and relaxing.

The most significant way you can bring vitality into your home is through paint colour even if it is just one wall in a white space.

I chose turquoise for my graphics because it represents open communication from and between the heart and spoken word.
It is the colour of balance for emotion and thought. It enhances the ability to focus and concentrate and has a calming and healing effect on the body. In Feng Shui it represents the water element.

Coral, and tangerines denote energy and warmth. Popular now in fashion and footwear these vibrant tones are a stimulant to the senses. We observe them in nature with the setting sun, certain botanicals and citrus fruit. Representing the fire element it’s a great choice for accents in the center of your home where you want to encourage playful exchanges, vitality and create a symbiotic environment.

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